Just For Me January: Sis Boom Blog Tour

Just For Me January: Sis Boom Blog Tour

I know lots of people would agree that 2016 was rough and I didn’t think so until something happened right before the holidays. So, in order to have something to look forward to and to celebrate my birthday (January 31st) I joined the Sis Boom – Just for Me January blog tour. 
I chose the Rebecca Shift Dress, but what I had been craving for a long time was a sheath dress.

 As I scoured the internet for inspiration I found this little gem styled so many different ways. 
Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

I was in love!

This is a Dolce and Gabbana design that retails for $1500+. Whew…..that’s a pretty penny. And what a great challenge. I wanted to do this soooo bad, but would I be skilled and/or lucky enough to get it right? 
This story could be told one of two ways. It could involve a last minute trip to Lowe’s that ends with some MDF board tied to the top of a car going 20 miles an hour so that it doesn’t fall off for a backdrop or it could go like this:
Perfectionism is the killer of happiness. Now, let me tell you why:
Often times we put off things that might make us happy in favor of waiting for “the right time” or to lose that extra 10lbs or whatever your “I’ll do it when…” scenario looks like. 
But sometimes, doing those little things gives us just the boost we need to feel like we’re winning. 

I spent 85% of the time I had to make this dress wondering how I was going to make it. What always gets me is the ever present combination of meticulously completing a certain portion of my project (the part that I do according to the pattern) and the make-it-up-as-I-go portion (my favorite results part). With this dress I didn’t want any exposed seams, mostly because my serger is out of commission right now, only to end up cutting my carefully constructed lining in order to take up the shoulders. When I tried the bubble hem I was sure that I had it down, only to sew my lining and outer fabric into a never ending loop of insanity. Did I mention that was the last thing that I had to do? 

As I tried to figure out how to construct the dress so it would hide the last few pounds I gained I was also preparing for when it would be time to wear the dress. I bought pretty stockings and shoes not sure if I should wait until I had worked on my midsection or lost weight before I made the dress. I bought new makeup colors to experiment with and thought about how to style my hair wondering if It would be too plain with this grown up dress. 

After all the thought and agonizing and trial and error when I put on my final product I couldn’t help but feel awesome. 

It worked! 

And guess what? Those pretty stockings? Slim the belly that I hate. The impractically cute leopard shoes? Make my legs look amazing. Oh, and those custom Cinderella shoes I had my super talented friend make? Well, they finally got a worthy companion, unfortunately I could not get them in a shot to save my life.
I’d have to say that this is my most favorite thing that I have made myself and I wish I had a tutorial, but after giving up on “perfect” a lot of winging it went on. I will tell you what I did do:
I omitted the dip in the neckline,  I made it fully lined instead of using facings. I joined the belt and skirt pieces on the front pattern piece and the bodice, belt and skirt on the back to reduce the number of seams and make the back the way I imagined it to be on the original. This also meant combining darts (which could have gone better). I slimmed the entire silhouette to make it more fitted and added ruching to the front skirt piece. Let me tell you ladies, ruching is your friend. She hides ALL the pastries: rolls, muffin tops, you name it. I did a semblance of a bubble hem. Remember that I had to cut my hems apart so I lost the longer slimmed bottom look, but that’s ok! Sure, I still have so fit issues and the bottom isn’t exactly right, but guess what? It still looks great and I’m happy and proud to have attempted it. 
I plan to make many more Rebecca Shift Dresses  both hacked and as is. If you’d like to sew yourself up something pretty, right now, not tomorrow or next week or after you lose the weight, I am giving away a copy of the original pattern. All you have to do to enter is comment on this post and tell me one thing that you love about yourself right now. 

Contest is open through January 28th 2017. 

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Style Session: 1 Skirt, 3 Looks: Runway Skirt Blog Tour + Giveaway

Style Session: 1 Skirt, 3 Looks: Runway Skirt Blog Tour + Giveaway

I'm going to show you how to easily get multiple outfits from just one wardrobe staple. As unique as my fabric combination was I was able to style the Savvy Patterns Runway skirt 3 ways.

I love pattern testing, but it’s not because of the free pattern or the exclusive membership of being a known tester or the Ya Ya Sisterhood you form in a testing group, although, the first and last reasons are pretty good; it’s because I love to dress up and style photos! Believe it or not I hate selfies. I never look as good in selfies as I do in real life or so I like to think. But get me in front of a camera and I am Tyra Banks, ok not really, but I feel like it. I also love to help out “friends”.

 Although, I mostly know Audrey from the Top Stitchers Competition (see the time  won!) and its Facebook sewing community, I have grown to admire her and her work at Skirt Fixation, her work with Project Run and Play and various other sewing related connections. So, with all of that back story you can imagine that when I saw her tester call for her FIRST PATTERN EVER I was immediately on board: exclusive new pattern, another Ya Ya Sewing Sisterhood and helping a friend, yes please!

Audrey started Savvy Patterns  and her first release is this super cute vintage inspired skirt pattern aptly titled, the Runway Skirt. What’s so show stopping about this pattern? Well, it’s the godets that swish and swirl as you strut your stuff at work and church…or is that just me? When I was picking out my fabric I had two choices: I could go bold (typically my first choice) or I could do toned down sophistication. Well, I think this skirt allowed me to do both. I found this deep navy Ponte Roma Knit from Joann Fabrics and navy & cheetah godets. If you’ve read this far I just want to encourage you to stick around because there’s a giveaway for a generously donated copy of the pattern at the end.

 This skirt pattern is labeled as a pencil skirt, but it’s more loose fitting than today’s version of a pencil skirt. However, don’t think it’s your grandma’s vintage skirt pattern. Thisskirt is cute, cute, cute and goes from pencil to midi to maxi length. It’s sometimes hard to wear very distinctive pieces of clothig so I thought I’d share a few styling tips.

I wouldn’t say that I styled the skirt in a particular design category. I basically, just made my “bold or toned down” decision all over again. In this case I went bold-ish, bold-y and toned down in reference to the tops I chose and I love how each look turned out. Originally, I set out to make a vintage-y top, but time and sanity quickly gave way and I didn’t like how my top was coming out. So, off to the thrift store I went. I already knew what shoes I was going to wear and that I wanted pearl jewelry.  I found the wrap top and necklace at a consignment boutique and the navy top at a Beall’s outlet. When styling an outfit, I never underestimate the power of cheap finds. *Wink*

For the pattern cover I needed a neutral colored  top. Even though the top is neutral it creates a high contrast against my dark skirt. I found this faux wrap top at a consignment shop. The top happens to be White House Black Market whom I love, but could probably only ever afford them like this. This top is a little blousier and would help hide any fold-y bits that a lady might have around the belly and back area. In this case, I matched my top to my shoes and godets (classic styling). The similarity in color draws the eyes to each matching element so don’t be surprised to find people looking you up and down. They are supposed to do that. This look is great for work, casual business lunches, church and PTO meetings. Be the hot mom.

Bold-y (you know you love these terms)
I had this great knitted ponchowith an asymmetrical hem that I love and often throw over my go-to dress for church when it gets a little cooler. I thought it had a classic/vintage-y vibe to it, but was also uncommon enough to warrant a few head turns. Again that contrast draws attention to the lighter colored accessories and the stand out godets on the skirt. Another reason this works is that pairing a looser item (poncho) with a slim fitting item (skirt) is a great way to work in more flowy pieces without looking like a bum (baggy clothes all over). The slim piece gives a  more pulled together and tailored look.

Toned Down
I thought that keeping a slender profile would add a little Boss Lady sophistication to my look. I kept it paired with the my nude shoes and pearls which class up the simple t-shirt I’m wearing.  I actually wore this look to an interview recently and at least I looked killer. I really enjoy the simplicity ad light weight of the top and I wear it this way most often. The understated monotone really make my godets pop, but aren’t garish and people take notice. I get to pretend I didn’t mean to look like a fox. “What this old thing?” Positive fashion attention?  Always a win for me.

Favorite things about this skirt:

It’s really comfortable. It’s not super tight so I can hide my muffin top while hinting at my feminine assets. Did I mention my husband really likes this skirt, too? And I can style it at least three ways with my current wardrobe and several more in the future. Plus, I kinda made the cover. 🙂

If you’d like to sew up your own Runway Skirt,  today is the last day to get the pattern for 20% off – No Coupon Needed!  

Audrey is also giving away a copy of the Runway Skirt Pattern AND a $25 Urban Sew Gift Card . The Giveaway ends on 12/10.

 Enter the Giveaway Here

Also, be sure to check out the other ladies on the blog tour. They have made some AMAZING skirts. I am sew inspired (cheesy pun) and can’t wait to make more for myself. I’ve been seriously eyeing some fabric that I bought for my daughter to amke myself another skirt – she won’t know, right? 😯 (I found emojis, don’t judge me). Thanks for sticking with me to the end! You can find the links to the rest of the tour posts below:

Catch up with the blog tour here:

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