Valentine’s Sewing: EYMM Everyday Essentials Blog Tour

Since it is almost Valentine’s Day I thought I’d motivate myself and tag along on the EYMM Everyday Essentials Valentine’s Blog tour. (Try saying that three times fast.)
We all know that Valentine’s day is like a week from yesterday. Yes, yesterday. How crazy is that?! So, now that I have you all in a panic, let me offer a solution. Sew yourself, ahem…I mean your spouse, something nice to enjoy during and after the big day with the Everything Your Mama Made & More Everyday Essentials pattern. It’s super versatile and actually comes with multiple options: a sleep bra, half & full slip, cami, and nightgown in two lengths. I made the cami, half slip and the shorter nightgown with the optional front slit the first time around. All super cute, by the way. These were my previous makes. The cami and half slip look like a dress together and I totally wore them as separates to work. (Winning)
This is only my second time making the Everyday Essentials nightgown. The only reason that I can think of for not making more is that I still sleep in the one that I made before. I look at sewing for myself as an opportunity to have something nice that I either couldn’t find, couldn’t afford if I found it or wouldn’t fit if I coud afford it. So, this time I splurged a little with some gorgeous leopard print and black double brushed poly that I got from Paris Bebe Fabrics. I lined the bodice in a mesh that I got from the performance fabrics section at Joann Fabrics and trimmed it in 5.75″ stretch lace from Sew Vagabond. I did some (mostly) simple color blocking and did a double slit using the lace. I probably did it a really dumb unique way, but it really wasn’t as hard as it might look and I got to skip the binding part. Most importantly it feels heavenly!
Can I tell you that getting photos in a cheetah/leopard print nightgown that don’t look like porn is a little harder than you would think? Not to mention I roped my dad into helping by saying, “Come and take sexy pictures of me and my husband, dad.” Which it turns out is not his forte. Remember, if you want cute pictures in nightwear, ask your husband.

In case you ‘re wondering, there are instructions to make it more modest, but we don’t have many overnight guests so that wasn’t an issue for me. And if you’re sewing for V-day, your anniversary, your wedding night or just your average weeknight step it up a notch anyway? How many old ratty well loved sleep shirts do you already have lying around? Find you a luxuriously soft knit or lace fabric, have your hunni take some measurements and show Victoria that her secrets ain’t got nothing on you hunni. Bonus points if you have a fun photoshoot to “model” afterward.

My husband came up with these poses. I think he likes it. Thanks for joining meon the EYMM Valentine’s Essentials Tour!

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During the tour, the Everyday Essentials pattern is on sale for half off! Use code VDAYTOUR on the Women’s Everyday Essentials pattern until February 12 at 11:59pm PST.

Posted by Teronia Wilson


So gorgeous! I actually laughed out loud at the comment about your dad taking photos! Haha! Thanks for joining in the tour!

Danielle Kuznia

Super cute, Teronia! I giggled at the part about your dad. 😉 I love all the photos!

Melissa Rebel and Malice

Your dad is a trooper. And I love this one. It looks great on you. Man, I love pretty nightwear.

I'm pretty sure my dad would have a heart attack if I asked him to photograph me and my husband. I wish I had more leopard DBP left, because I would definitely replicate this, it is gorgeous!

You're sewing is beautiful. I am not a sewer at all. One day I'm going to sit down and figure it out.

Ajaire Parello

I'm laughing so hard at the thought of your dad taking the pics. Priceless. But seriously this looks amazing on you. That band of stretch lace at the bottom is perfect!

Teronia Wilson

My dad is just the kind of weirdo (not creepy, but silly) that would. I loved being reminded how awesome this pattern is, thanks for having me!

Teronia Wilson

Thanks Danielle!

Teronia Wilson

I definitely debated about whether I wanted to use it for this or not, but it feels SO good. Thank you!

Teronia Wilson

Thanks Mell, I actually learned from the internet! I even borrowed a machine to start. You can totally do it! Stick around because I plan to talk more about getting started in future posts.

Teronia Wilson

Yea, loves taking photos, but our "eye" is totally different. It was definitely interesting. My husband took the really good ones. 😉

Patricia Garnham

Oh Teronia, you make me laugh! I love your creations and this one is fab! I also hate sewing binding on, so stretch lace is on my shopping list (again!). I can not imagine my dad taking photos for me, but one never knows until one asks.
Keep sewing happy!

Teronia Wilson

I'm telling you that my family is just weird like that and my dad is super free-spirited. Glad you enjoyed the post and thank you!

Sorry but many of the blogs went a bit far for a sewing blog.

Teronia Wilson

He really is and thanks!! I am completely addicted to pretty underthings. I need to make more and buy less.

Teronia Wilson

I think the great thing about having your own blog is that you can give it some of your own spice and personality. I loved everyone's creations. ☺

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